Our Investment Objective

Invest in the world's best companies

The investment objective of R Group Fund is based on the following investment philosophy. R Group Funds are general from their inception and will change portfolios, strategies and markets over time.
Identify quality companies in attractive industries
The evaluation of the company and the industry in which it operates focuses on considerations such as the sustainability of any competitive advantage, whether the company is earning a high return on invested capital, whether the company is likely to continue to deploy capital at a high rate of return, assessing the company's inherent business and financial risks, whether the company has scale advantages, the impact of technology on the company, whether the company will be a beneficiary of globalization, and whether the company's management is assessed as honest and capable and focused on long-term shareholder value.

Our Team

From our leadership team to our individual advisors and specialists, our mission is to serve you and your family. We are confidantes, counselors, and navigators, dedicated to managing the complexities of family and wealth.

Our high-quality and experienced team provides customers with advice and strategies to win opportunities and advantages in the international market.

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Fund Manager

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